Mission Statement

More than Money Mentors – MtMM is a group of senior industry experts with vast experience in big corporations, the German Mittelstand, and Start-Ups. We love progress and global mindsets. We are unified in our vision to support creative kinds, executing their vision and connecting the world in its fight for peace, equality, and sustainability.

Our team is actively seeking great minds who are on a mission to improve the world. We offer extensive experience and knowledge across industries. We take time to understand your business and offer long-term support as mentors.



Daniel Zinner

HR Consultant
Podcaster & Investor
Berlin, Germany

Jan Schrempf

Finance & Controlling Expert
Investor & Advisor
Stuttgart, Germany

Andreas Ditsche

CEO & Professor
Investor & Business Angel
Marburg, Germany


Michael Plocher

President & Managing Director
Investor & Business Angel
Detroit, USA

Tabea Nyfeler

Female Founder
German Certified Tax Advisor
Zurich, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Stefan Remhof

CEO & Co-Founder
Managing Partner & Professor
Munich, Germany

Baghdad Benchallal

M&A and Strategy Consultant
Investor & Advisor
Frankfurt, Germany

Maria Dopslaf

Marketing and Communication Consultant
Kaufbeuren, Germany

Jana Koske

Business Consultant
Supply chain processes & SAP
Karlsruhe, Germany

Florian Zejewski

Administrative Punk
Hamburg, Germany

Philipp Krogmann

Consultant & Investor
Düsseldorf, Germany

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